Linda Bair Davis, Certified Artisan

Welcome to my heart. Creating beautiful things makes me come alive. It releases energy and light from within that I never knew existed. It is a source of strength and a way to share the essence of Christ who lives within me. I hope that my artistry will awaken within you a unique experience with Christ and the world He created. That you will feel His strength, beauty and passion in a new way.

We are connected by beauty, you know. Every person appreciates beauty in some way. When we experience the majesty of the mountains, the burst of colorful sunsets, the tickle of dandelions, the laughter of children, the smell of rain, we experience God on His playing field. Beauty touches each of our senses and gives them life. It takes life to a higher level. When we truly experience beauty, the abundance of life multiplies and we see a glimpse of the glory of heaven.

One of the most powerful influences on my designs is nature. Various aspects of nature can be seen throughout my pieces. Whether it be the swirls of the storms of life or the powerful burst of rays emanating from the sun, these pieces are created to be rich in symbolism. This symbolism is what makes them come alive.

While I immensely enjoy creating the wearable jewelry, the essence of my work is the Eben Ezer collection, which consists of the pocket crosses. Eben Ezer is the Hebrew phrase of the Old Testament that means "stone of help."

My original path down this journey began with my dad. Throughout my life, my dad has been a significant source of strength and wisdom. In my adult years, he has repeatedly pointed me back to Christ during many times of aimless wandering. Several years ago, while facing a particularly difficult struggle, he gave me a beautiful, sterling silver pocket piece with the message, "Fear Not, I Am with You." This has been a tangible initiator of the peace that God gives me whenever I focus on His presence during my heartaches, fears, pains and struggles. Through this piece, I have felt the life and power of His word and promises in a deeper way. The Lord used this to inspire me to share His peace in the same way that my Dad shared it with me and many others while facing their own challenges. I feel honored to carry on the tradition that my Dad began so many years ago - by sharing the living word of Christ with others through tangible beauty. These pieces, along with the rest of my line, are each designed and created by hand, to order - so no two are identical.

My greatest hope is that you will enjoy my work as much as I relish its creation. Thank you for helping me keep unique alive!

Cross to Bair Creations

Welcome to my store! Each of my pieces has been designed and created using either fine or sterling silver. These pieces are molded, shaped, and finished by hand, one at a time, with personal love and care. Thanks for helping me keep unique alive!