Custom Pocket Cross

$145.00 USD

# Sides Custom


Product Description

1.5" L x 1.5" W
**Part of Eben Ezer collection

Feeling led to purchase a Pocket Cross but can't find just the right message or design? At Cross to Bair Creations, we recognize that there are times when the Lord places a special verse on our hearts to keep with us or to share with a loved one. These verses represent the living Word of God and are so powerful that a tangible reminder could be just what you or your loved one needs - to carry in a pocket or coin-purse at all times. For this reason, we offer the option to customize these special gifts.

Please see the first attached image for customization options, and don't hesitate to email me with any questions you might have. Also, if the image is not clear, please let me know and I will send you a pdf copy. My email address is

Once a decision has been made on how you would like your custom piece to look, simply choose the option to either customize one or both sides (included in the drop down menu when making order). Once completing the ordering process, you can email me your decisions.

If you only wish to customize one side, then please include which standard side you would like to choose from one of the pocket crosses included in this website (the standard pocket crosses are the ones I have already created and offer without alteration). One of our standard options is included in the second image attached - the rest can be found in the Pocket Cross section of this webpage.

Clear as mud??? Just email ( or call me (832.627.9937) and I can walk you through each step!


Each piece offered by Cross to Bair Creations is unique in its own way. All have been designed, shaped, and finished by hand, one at a time, with personal love and care. The silver used is of top quality, which results in a product that will last for generations to come. Ahhh, the beauty and joy of hand craftsmanship. Thank you for helping me keep unique alive!

Custom Pocket Cross

Cross to Bair Creations

Welcome to my store! Each of my pieces has been designed and created using either fine or sterling silver. These pieces are molded, shaped, and finished by hand, one at a time, with personal love and care. Thanks for helping me keep unique alive!